Saturday, April 18, 2009

Canon SX1IS digital camea

I've had my Canon SX1IS digital camera since February and have been experimenting with producing high quality photos and video.

The camera's first outing was to the Melbourne Motor Show, where of course I took hundreds of pictures of some really nice cars. Yahoo Autos saw fit to link my shots of the Melbourne Motor Show on their website, producing thousands "views".

A recent trip to Mum & Dad's saw the opportunity for some great shots (mostly macro) of their roses, below are some of those photos.




I have also been experimenting with the HD video capability of this camera too, below is an example.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Google Chrome video - HD blocks

This video from Google promoting their "Chrome" web browser looks great when watched in HD full screen.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

flickr views skyrocket thanks to Yahoo! Autos

I used to be chuffed if one of my flickr pictures achieved 100 views. To my amazement though, a recent review of the Geneva Autoshow on Yahoo! Autos linked to some of my pics from this years Melbourne Motor Show, resulting in view counts in the thousands.
This picture of the new Nissan 370Z is still receiving thousands of views per day and the totol count is currently over 61,000. That is amazing!

Here are some more of the most popular pictures I took at the Melbourne Motor Show and posted on

Experimenting with my "Blogger" blog

Ok, my first blog post on is online. Something else I'd like to try is embedding a picture from my site.
This picture is of my newborn baby girl. I've embedded HTML from flickr for it to show here.

My new blog

Ok, I've been blogging (on and off) for a few months now on my Wordpress site, and I'm wondering about my next step in the blog universe so I thought I'd check out the competition here at Blogger to see if this might be a better option for me. I will make a few general blog posts and then decide where to go and what to do after that.