Sunday, September 18, 2011

GPS camera attachment

I've recently bought a GPS attachment for my Nikon D5100 from ebay.  Sure its not a Genuine Nikon product, but it's about a quarter of the price.

First impressions are that it is very slow (several minutes) to get an accurate GPS position, and before it does it can record old info to the Exif data of photos taken.  When I turned the camera on today, for the first few minutes (and 30 odd photos I took of kangaroos in a field), it actually recorded GPS data from my front yard that it got from test shots taken the day before.

Anyway, now I've got another excuse to get out and about taking more "test" photos.

GPS unit

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Night Sky Photography

The latest subject in my DSLR learning curve was the night sky, as I continue to play with long exposures.

With the neigbour's roof and TV antenna at the bottom foreground for perspective, this was my best shot from about 45 minutes in the back yard.  It's a 30 second exposure with my Nikon D5100.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Conflicting Google Accounts

Well, it's taken almost all night, but I've finally resolved my problem of "conflicting" Google accounts.  The conflict was a result of originally opening Blogger and You-Tube accounts using a Google-apps account, rather than a regular Google or Gmail account.  I've had to open a new account, but at least my mail, blogs and videos can now all co-exist without getting in each other's way!

With that all sorted, hopefully you'll see a few more blog posts now!